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ElGato Eve Degree



Merk: Elgato

Artikelnummer: 10EAF9901

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 4260195391512

Prijs vanaf: € 65,90


Masterfully crafted from anodized aluminum, Eve Degree tracks temperature and humidity with unrivaled precision. Add a touch of functional elegance to any room and, thanks to IPX3 water resistance, even your outdoor domain.Gain insights.Observing current conditions is convenient, but delving into historical detail is enlightening. Eve Degree connects directly to your iPhone or iPad, so you can view eye-opening graphs by day, month, or year. And make smarter decisions that endure.Improve your comfort.Thanks to Apple HomeKit technology, Eve Degree works seamlessly with fellow connected accessories. Have your fan turn on automatically when the temperature spikes. Or let your humidifier take over if the air becomes too dry. That's the beauty of a connected ecosystem. It exists to serve you - without you having to ask.Embrace excellence.Eve Degree may be sleek and compact. But beneath its chic exterior you'll find a host of sophisticated features: state-of-the-art sensors ensuring unparalleled accuracy. All-powerful Apple HomeKit technology that guarantees simple installation along with advanced security. And cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which keeps your space truly wireless and energy efficient. So efficient, the replaceable battery powers through an entire year.

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