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Mio Mivue Drive 65 Full Eur Ltm Bt



Merk: Mio

Artikelnummer: MMDRIVE65FEUBT

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 5420027526720

Prijs € 229,00


Meet the Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM, a unique all-in-one solution, setting a new standard in the world of car navigation and dash cams. This innovative combination has an extra-large 6.2 inch screen and offers you high end car navigation, with an integrated Extreme HD (1296p @ 30fps) premium dash cam and two smart Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features to support you on the road: Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS). With this fully featured road companion, you're guided to your destination with practical and easy to use car navigation and at the same time the dash cam records every minute of your journey in crisp-clear Extreme HD resolution. So in case of an accident you will always have proof of what really happened on the road. On the navigational front, the MiVue Drive 65 is packed with premium features and comes with Lifetime Map Updates, so you never have to worry about new maps or road changes anymore. In addition to the maps, also safety camera data is included for the lifetime of your device, so you'll always know where to drive extra carefully. Real-time traffic information alerts you to delays on the roads ahead, saving you valuable time by avoiding hold-ups and congestion. The dash cam and the navigation run smoothly simultaneously, capturing every moment without stopping the route directions. You simply pick the option “camera” from the main menu or the map screen to switch to the integrated dash cam. The MiVue Drive 65 has a high quality glass lens with a wide field of view of 140 degrees and an F1.8 aperture. When you push the release button to take a picture with a camera, a little hole in the lens opens up to allow light to hit the image sensor. The size of that hole is called the “aperture”. These F-numbers represent fractions, therefore the smaller the number, the bigger the aperture and the better the video quality (because more light gets in). And last but not least, this smart device comes with highly innovative integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This means that there are two safety features that support you on the road: Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS). These two features add great safety value to the device, as LDWS warns you in case your car moves out of its lane, thus potentially avoiding a head-on collision. And if the distance between your car and the one in front of you suddenly decreases, for example when the driver of the car in front of you hits the brakes, the FCWS gives a warning as well. So the MiVue Drive 65 not only guides you and records your route, but also helps you to stay alert. The new Mio MiVue Drive 65 is simply the ideal safety companion on the road. A smart all-in-one solution for everyone who wants an extra-large 6.2 inch screen, who values safety and wants an eyewitness on the road whilst using car navigation to get from A to B.

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€ 229,00